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About The Little White Schoolhouse Foundation

The mission of The Little White Schoolhouse Foundation is to assist with the elimination of barriers to individuals who wish to pursue the next steps in their educational journeys as lifelong learners. We aim to serve learners of all backgrounds, ages, races, genders, ethnicities, socioeconomic statuses, and learning abilities. All individuals deserve a robust and equitable education that accommodates their abilities and desires to grow as individual learners. 

The Little White Schoolhouse Foundation is a nonprofit organization that focuses on targeting individuals or groups that are in need of educational support due to the presence of barriers. Our foundation defines barriers as any obstacle that is preventing an individual from taking the next step in their learning journey. Example obstacles included, but are not limited to: financial barriers, racial barriers, gender barriers, location barriers, or age-related barriers.

Our Goals

Supporting individuals in obtaining a robust and equitable education

Remove financial barriers from education

Help  children, teens, and adults to support their journey as life long learners

Thank you!

We can not provide any programs without your amazing support. Thank you to everyone that has donated to our cause. A special thank you to these organizations for providing donations to support life long learning.

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